Andrea Coombes

Personal Finance Writer

As a professional freelance columnist and editor, I write timely feature stories focusing on personal finance and the money issues that affect our daily lives.

Some of my recent stories for the Wall Street Journal include a look at the 2013 real estate market, how stock-market investors should be wary of repeating the mistakes of 2008 and how to choose a 529 plan. I also write a weekly column for MarketWatch called “Working Retirement,” focusing on the brave new world of retirement—a world that, for many people, means working for a paycheck. My recent MarketWatch columns include a look at how older job seekers might need to take a second look at their online presence and the interaction between part-time work, taxes and Social Security.

I probably shouldn’t enjoy doing videos as much as I do, but here I am talking about tips to fine-tune your 401(k). Back when I was on staff at MarketWatch, I did a video series called the “Personal Finance Minute” — here’s an example. These days, radio stations nationwide often interview me about the stories I write, and I contribute to MarketWatch and Wall Street Journal radio podcasts, as evidenced here.

I do my best to keep this site updated with my latest work, but life gets busy sometimes, right?