Andrea Coombes

Personal Finance Writer

Recent Work

As a personal-finance columnist and editor, I write timely feature stories focusing on the money issues that affect our daily lives.

Some of the stories I’ve written for The Wall Street Journal in 2014 include a look at the best ways to tap your savings and investment accounts when you retire, why people who are investing for retirement should stick with a simple portfolio of mutual funds and the ways in which your car costs you more than you think.

I also write two columns for MarketWatch: “Working Retirement” focuses on the brave new world of retirement—a world that, for many people, entails working for a paycheck—and “Ways & Means,” on some of the personal-finance issues affecting all of us. My recent MarketWatch columns include a look at a retirement-income strategy known as the 4% rule, the ways in which women face specific retirement-saving challenges,  and how some people are able to retire in their 30s.

On occasion, I produce videos. For example, I’ve looked at tips to fine-tune your 401(k), and here’s an example of a video series I did for MarketWatch called the “Personal Finance Minute.” Radio stations nationwide often interview me about the stories I write, and I contribute to MarketWatch and Wall Street Journal radio podcasts, as evidenced here.